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About us

From the moment Mia Bianchi was founded, we quickly gathered a large group of jewelry enthusiasts. We are inspired by the minimalist way of life where simplicity, harmony and happiness are central. The secret to happiness is not the search for more, but the ability to enjoy less.

''When the day didn’t bring her expectations she knows the moon will rise again and the sun will follow."'

By throwing something away, you don't throw away those memories or identity. By selecting which of these things really give you joy, you can identify what you really love and need.

We are huge lovers of the minimalist lifestyle. We firmly believe that this is the way to get life happiness out of yourself and not let it be determined by other people or products. This way of life is reflected in our jewelry. Each of our collections has its own special character. It is amazing that our unique minimalist jewelry fits so well into our daily life.
The rich materials we use are silver, gold, velor and brass: this makes for beautiful products that we can proudly call our own products. We hope the same applies to you. We are therefore happy to help you with our webshop for your favorite jewelry and with tips for the path to a beautiful minimalist life!